Tulka - Mei Dan KULTAKUTRI
date of birth

03-02-2001 - 23-06-2014


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about Tulka

HD A/A. Golden female imported from Finland. Actualy our oldest Tibetan Mastiff female. The most strange temperament of Do khyi with very primitive instincts. Her body-language is speciall and not easy to understand. Medium size, medium bones, fabulous coat, quality and quantity and colour. Beautifull dark brown almond-shape eyes she gave to almost all of her puppies. Do khyi-night barker, but more "informator" than protector. Absolutely perfect mother. Neutral to strangers, seemes to be also neutral to people she loves, but this is only impression. Very sensible and sensitive. She said good bye to us at age 13,5.......Her spirit is always here.


Best Puppy Tulln 2001, sędzia H.Kirschbichler, Austria
dosk. ŁódĽ 2002, sędzia L.Jancik, Czechy
Zwyc. Młodziezy Berlin 2002, sedzia A.Thomassen. Szwecja
II dosk. MWPR o Puchar Euuropy Śr. i Wsch. Poznań 2001, sędzia Z.Jakubowski, Polska
CACA, Res. CACIB Graz 2004 sędzia K.Pot, Niemcy

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