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HD A/A1(B).Middle size female ,black&deep tan. Short, compact body, excellent angulation with a little sloping pasterns. A lot of coat, specially on her neck. Tibetan Mastiff with very sweet temperament, nice, friendly to people she knows, but real Do khi with distance to strangers, but not agressif at all. Showing her emotions. Most of all she loves to be at home.  Easy to be shown on dog shows , but not showy. Perfect mother for puppies. Night barker !!





EXC. III, Junior Class - Nat.Dog Show CAC Głogów 2009, judge K.Horak, CZ

JUNIOR WINNER - Nat.Dog Show  Zielona Góra 2009, judge A.Szutkiewicz PL

EXC. III, Junior Class - "Lithuanian WInner " Vilnius 2009, judge J.Szczepańska-Korpetta,PL

EXC. II - Int.Dog Show  Leszno 2009, judge A.Szutkiewicz ,PL

EXC. I - Nat.Dog Show  Legnica 2009, judge L.Bachurzewska , PL

EXC.I - Nat.Dog Show Bytom

EXC.II -Int.Dog Show Leszno , judge A.Stepiński, PL

EXC.II - Nat.Dog Show Toruń, judge A.Tarczynska-Mizak, PL

EXC.II - Nat.Dog Show Nowa Ruda, judge M.Sudoł, PL

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